Specific Customisation Questions

zonua Purchased - Supported
3 years ago

Just in case it's easier to ask specific questions. 

1. The blog preview page (not individual post pages): How can I change that to masonry instead of rows? How can I change that to show just an excerpt rather than the full blog post?

2. How to change the menu background colour?

3. How to do the typing effect like in the homepage of a lot of your demos?

Thanks in advance!!!!

3 years ago


1. We don't support masonry block.

2. There's not a specific option available for this task. You should write custom css. If you need help in this regards, let us know.

3. You should use the page builder (TheElementor) and add a cover block to your page. Few of them have typing effect inside.

Hossein Shams

CEO and Developer at

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