TheSaaS - WordPress FAQs

What is update policy?

When you purchase a license of TheSaaS, you will receive a lifetime update. It means when we release a new version, you freely receive the new version.  To learn how you can update the theme, follow the instructions in this guide: Update theme.

How to install demo content?

You don't have to install all the demo content into your fresh install of WordPress. You can easily import the pages that you like to have, not all of them. Please read our guide for page builder to learn how you can use "Add Template" feature to import a complete page.

Can I create custom blocks?

No. You're limited to use the pre-designed blocks in your page. We believe this way is much more easier and faster to create your pages while it limits your design variation. You should make difference by changing images, content, colors and all the other options that each block has.

How can I link/scroll to a section?

You can set an ID for each section using "Section ID" field. You should use this ID to link or scroll to this section. Let's assume you have a section with an ID equal to "section-pricing".

  • If you want to scroll to this section from Flash down component, you should only insert "section-pricing" in Flash down target field.
  • If you want to scroll to this section from a button or menu item (for one page websites), you should insert "#section-pricing" in link field.

How can I update the theme automatically?

By using Envato Market plugin, you'll get notice when a new version of TheSaaS is available and you can update it automatically in a minute! Please visit , download the plugin and follow instructions to configure the plugin.

Can I have Elementor with full functionalities?

While we forbid you to do this, but you can enable full functionality. From your WordPress admin area, open Elementor -> Settings page and check "Enable Full Functionality" option.

Worth to mention that we disabled all those functionalities to reduce complexity and improve consistency throughout your website. So we suggest you to leave this option uncheck if you're not an expert user.

How can I display a Contact Form 7 in this theme?

You have three options:

  1. Use an "Editor" block and insert your Contact-Form-7 shortcode into the editor, save the page and view your form.
  2. Insert a "Contact" block into your page, from "contact form" section enable "Use Contact Form 7". A select input appears and you can select one of the available forms.
  3. Use Elementor with full functionality and use "Shortcode" element.

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