TheSaaS - Html

Getting started

In this article, we help you to start and configure your project by creating a copy of thesaas. Make sure you've read the directory structure and html structure articles before continuing.

1. Copy

It's better to make a copy of "theme" directory from downloaded package. So you still have pre-designed templates untouched.

2. Configure

Open /assets/js/script.js file and set the configuration options if you'd like. There's possibility to set your Google API Key, Google Analytics Tracking, and choose to have smooth scroll or not. The script.js file has a complete documentation to help you configuring your template.

If you're going to have a contact form in your website, you should make some more configurations. Please open /assets/php/sendmail.php files and configure your contact form with specifying your email address and default subject.

3. Make

Now you're ready to start creating your pages. We've already implemented several common pages such as about, contact, privacy policy, faq, etc. and several sample homepages for your next website such as Gmail, Trello, Bootstrap, GitHub, etc. You can keep the pages you need and modify their content, or copy one of the html files and use ready blocks to create your own pages. You can find a lot of ready blocks in pages with name of block-*.html. Finally, for more advanced users, you can read the documentation in files with name of doc-*.html to learn about the elements, components and fundamental of thesaas and create your own customized blocks.