Getting started

Start your documentation template by editing one of the starter files. It won't take more than 15 minutes to start. Read the step-by-step guide:

01. Prepare your directory

Start your documentation project by makeing a copy of start-kit folder to your desired directory. This folder contains essential files to develop your documentation based on TheDocs.

02. Choose a layout

Decide about your documentation layout. Boxed, full-width, or single page? Do you need a sidebar on the left of page, on the right of page, or a page without sidebar? Choose your desired layout from one of the starter files and start by editing it. Even it's better to decide about skin right now.

03. Design your header

The header of the page is inside header tag. Customize it by editing logo and navigation links. If you need, you can include a banner as well.

04. Design your footer

The footer of the page is inside footer tag. Customize it by editing copyright text and navigation links.

05. Design your sidebar

If you've already planned your documentation pages, you can categorize them and design your sidebar.

06. Start writing

Make a copy of your starter page and start writing your documentation with the help of our wonderful elements.

Continue reading

It's time to see and read other pages of this documentation to learn how you can use different elements for you own documentation. Don't worry about reading time, you can check each element in a couple of minutes and come back to the documentation page once you want to use them. You can use them by just make a copy and paste.

You have access to more than 50 pages of documentation in the main website.